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Web Design & Development

In addition to our traditional web design and web development services, 6DS provides web development with numerous platforms and capacities for every customer's goal. Whether you are an agency looking for a platform to power your design or an entrepreneur with a vision - we can help. Our flexible solutions allow us to be your behind-the-scenes assistant or front and center advocate.

Web Development Process

We approach your web development project a little differently: transparently and iteratively. You trust us to provide a solution, and we feel you deserve to know the progress of your web development. Our process embodies the following foundational principles:

  • Foster open communication
  • Work towards a shared vision
  • Empower team members
  • Establish clear accountability and shared responsibility
  • Focus on delivering business value
  • Stay agile, expect change
  • Invest in quality
  • Learn from all experiences

Our process allows for incredibly fluid change control. We recognize and are sensitive to the fact that project requirements are influenced by many factors, and we must respond effectively. These principles form the core of project management, along with the principles and workflow of iterative development:

  • Planning & Requirements
  • Analysis & Design
  • Implementation
  • Deployment


Creative Agency Support

We have a growing list of graphic design clients who use us to provide the underlying expertise behind their designs. We have been developing functional websites since 1997, we can not only provide the coding for your sites but also provide advice on usability, internet marketing and accessibility.

Our Service to Design Agencies

  • Websites that are faithful to your design and your creative vision
  • Advice on issues like navigation, usability, and accessibility
  • Project management and a working site during development
  • Fast turnaround time which allows us to pass the savings on to you
  • Availability to address questions, concerns and new work as it arises

How We Work

Our most valuable assets are the relationships we maintain with direct clients and the agencies we support. We offer personal and direct service right from the beginning. It is often useful for us to be involved during the planning process so that we can assist with usability, accessibility and search engine optimization. We then develop a requirements document to lay out the project goals. This helps avoid future complications and allows your projects to be completed quickly.

We also develop a prototype version of your site as early as possible so that you and your clients can get involved in feedback and development. Much of our work comes from existing clients, so after completion of a project we keep in contact to review your website's success and identify future needs.

Adding Value for Your Clients

Spend less time worrying about how your developer will change your design to meet the limits of their programming ability. Our knowledgeable staff will give you ease of mind.






Foundations for Success

Content Management Solutions

Gone are the days when you contact your web development company for every small change to your website. You need the ability to update product prices, activate sales promotions, and update your latest news when you want. You don't need to know your css from your html or your php from your sql but if you do then that's cool too.

Whether you are in North America, Europe, South America, or The Matrix, 6DS can make this happen, plus so much more, with our Content Management Solutions (CMS). We use a selection of powerful systems as frameworks for our CMS projects. These platforms have been implemented and tested from one-page database driven websites up to millions of hits per month. With our extensive web experience we create a solution to match your requirements as well as budget.

Our CMS web solutions allow you to get involved as much as you like with your website. We offer the ability for non-technical staff to update web site content, which means your site pages can stay up to date with relevant company information and news.

We are specialists of open-source CMS solutions such as Joomla!. Our CMS solutions are scalable and can include almost any type of content you might consider.

E-Commerce Prosperity

Selling online is not just a case of having a web store, there is an art to it and our team has the experience needed to make your project a success.

Your website is your showroom: salespeople, customer service, the overall business impression - all rolled into one. The correct approach to selling online has to be considered, and you need a web store to achieve this. With a 6DS e-commerce solution, you do not just get a website that can sell products, you get a wealth of experience from our experienced staff who know what works when selling products online.

Sure, we build great looking, easy to update online stores, but with every project we go the extra distance to ensure you get the best kick-start for your business, as there is little point in having a great web store when there is no one looking at it.




What Else Should I Know?

Updates & Maintenance

6DS offers a Website Update & Maintenance package which will allow you to pre-pay for a set amount of hours each month at a discounted hourly rate.

Normal priority agreements have a 24-72 hour response time. These blocks of time can be used for support and training, general consulting, software or content updates but may not be used for new project development. Work performed under a service agreement is recorded and billed in half hour increments, with a half hour minimum.

Update & Maintenance Packages Payment

Payment for maintenance packages is required in advance by the first day of the month to which the hours apply. We maintain a detailed log of all services rendered and provide this to you on a monthly basis.

Any hours in excess of your Website Update & Maintenance package will be billed at the full hourly rate. Unused hours do not rollover or carry forward and will not be refunded. Hours may be used in any increment throughout the current month.

Get In Touch

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6DS combines creative web design and development with a marketing-driven business approach and provides fresh solutions to help businesses stand above the competition. Our web sites are presentations intended to draw recognition, while making a profound statement conveying professionalism to a client’s target audience.

6DS serves businesses and organizations directly, along with partnership opportunities for marketing and creative agencies.










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